Welcome to 1090MHz UK

We're building a UK based ADS-B receiver network to track aircraft movements in real-time
and create new solutions for aircraft enthusiasts, radio amateurs, the emergency services
and business using analytics and machine learning

Share your ADS-B data

Share your ADS-B data with us and get access to the UK ADS-B data in real-time.

If you already have an ADS-B receiver and send data to FlightRadar24 or FlighAware you can also share your data with us and in return get access to the aggregated (whole UK and near Europe) raw data feed from our receiver network and use it with VirtualRadar, PlanePlotter, Tar1090 or other applications.

You can share ADS-B with us using our dedicated feeder software standalone, as a Docker container, as part of the ADSB.IM image or by using Beast Reduce Plus from dump1090/readsb ...

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