ADS-B peering

If you have a network of multiple receivers then we can arrange to peer data using Beast Reduce Plus protocol.

What is Beast Reduce Plus?

Beast Reduce Plus is an extension of the Beast protocol that adds two features for larger systems:

  • De-duplication of ADS-B messages to reduce un-necessary network traffic
  • Identification of each peer using a UUID that is sent at session start up.

Peering - feed to us

To send ADS-B to us as a peer we need:

  1. The UUID of your system
  2. A name for your system (3-12 characters)
  3. Your contact details (email, phone)

Once we have configured your peer in our system you can connect to our server(s) using the --net-connect option (see below).

We accept Beast Reduce Plus input on the well-known port number 30004.

Please use the following host name:

to configure your feed to us.

Your configuration will need to include something like:

        --net,30004,beast_out \
              --net-beast-reduce-interval=0.5 --net-connector-delay=5 \
              --uuid-file=/etc/uuid.conf --net-receiver-id

Peering - feed from us

If you are peering with us with an active Beast Reduce Plus feed then our servers will automatically allow you to connect to our Best Reduce Plus to send data to you.

Our Best Reduce Plus output is on the well known port number 30005.

Connect to our server using the host name:

for the feed from us.

Our UUID is:


and will be sent automatically on protocol start up.

Your configuration will need to include something like:

        --net,30005,beast_in \
              --net-connector-delay=5 --uuid-file=/etc/uuid.conf --net-receiver-id

Need additional info?

If you have any questions about ADS-B peering feed then drop me an email at